About the Massachusetts Early Childhood Funder Collaborative

The Massachusetts Early Childhood Funder Collaborative (MA ECFC) is a new partnership effort working to ensure that all young children in Massachusetts have the opportunities and supports they need to thrive. This group of public and private foundation and individual funders has come together with the intention of serving as a vehicle to strengthen the community of early childhood funders and to drive policy and systems change by catalyzing a unified early childhood strategy.

Our Vision​

All young children in Massachusetts will have the opportunities and supports they need to thrive.

Our Role

The Massachusetts Early Childhood Funder Collaborative (MA ECFC) will contribute to achieving its Vision by:

  1. Creating a vehicle to strengthen the funder community and provide a forum to exchange
    knowledge and expertise

  2. Building awareness of the importance of Early Childhood and driving growth in Early Childhood philanthropy in Massachusetts

  3. Identifying gaps, levers, and strategic opportunities for coordinated investment

  4. Leveraging the Collaborative’s collective voice to influence policy and systems change

  5. Catalyzing cross-sector collaboration and alignment to advance a unified early childhood
    strategy in Massachusetts

  6. Identifying clear and common metrics to track and evaluate the Collaborative’s progress and inform process or strategy refinement

Guiding Principles

The work of the MA ECFC will be guided by the following principles:


  • Equity: We will focus our efforts on families marginalized due to race, income or immigration status who experience inequitable access to services and inequitable outcomes.

  • Cultural Relevance: We will ensure that the work we do and the programs, services, and work we support are respectful of and responsive to the language and culture of our families and communities.

  • Families as partners: We will ensure that the work we do as well as the programs, services and work we support are grounded in respect, equity, and partnership with the families and communities we serve.

  • Fair, equitable support for early childhood workforce: We will support and advocate for systems that include equitable, sustainable living wages for early childhood workforce with defined career trajectories and leadership opportunities.

  • Whole child: We will ensure that the programs, services and work we support attend to all areas of a child’s growth and development.

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