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Support for Implementation of C3 Formula

Strategic Priority Alignment
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Project Launch: Ongoing; Phase 5 began September 2022

Project Goal

Support the enhancement of the Commonwealth Cares for Children (C3) Child Care Stabilization Grants, including identifying and modeling potential design changes, engaging the field, and building internal EEC capacity for sustainability.

Rationale for Action

The C3 stabilization grants have provided monthly payments for operational costs for child care providers. As reported during the December 2022 EEC Board Meeting, more than 7,150 programs participate. This equity-based support, has provided a measure of stability for all providers  since its implementation in July 2021, with the majority of providers using their funding for staff compensation and operational expenses. The December 2022 EEC Board Meeting has more details and data on the C3 program.


Third Sector Capital Partners, with support from MA ECFC members, has been guiding the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) on the development and implementation of the C3 grants.


The current phase of support runs from September 2022 - January 2023

Project Updates

C3 progress is regularly reported on during EEC Board Meetings.

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