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Supporting Young Children and Their Families - Our Priorities

Our priorities are grounded in our guiding principles, adhering to our vision, role, and collective philosophy. They are described below.


Driving Growth in Knowledge

Our Goal:

  • Ensure a baseline understanding of the early childhood space, including key stakeholders and initiatives, that will lead to easier and increased investment in high-impact, promising early childhood initiatives, systems, supports, and policies

Infrastructure that Supports Families

Our Goals:

  • Strong infrastructure that supports families’ abilities to access, afford, and utilize services for their young children

  • Increase strength and resilience of families so their children can thrive

  • Increase investment in family supports and the access to these supports

Promote a High-Quality Early Childhood Workforce

Our Goals:

  • Professionalization of the early childhood (EC) field

  • Sufficient high-quality, well-compensated EC workforce

Economic Sustainability for Service Providers

Our Goal:

  • Ensure that all MA families with young children have access to the stable, high-quality services they desire. 

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