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Funder Members

Membership is open to all types of funders who have an interest in investing in Early Childhood in Massachusetts including private foundations, corporate foundations, community foundations, United Ways, and individuals. 


The MA ECFC will have a tiered membership structure where each Funder Member is asked to contribute annual dues (details regarding membership tiers will be forthcoming) to support MA ECFC operations.

Funder Members participate in the MA ECFC in the following ways:

  • Attend, participate in MA ECFC meetings, calls, convenings as desired and share information with ECFC colleagues

  • Participate in Working Groups or Committees of the Collaborative as desired

  • Each Funder Member gets one vote per organization (although more than one individual per organization may attend meetings/participate in activities) regardless of membership level and votes on the following:

    • Election of Steering Committee members

    • Approval of Steering Committee recommendations relative to Annual Collaborative Focus Areas/Priority Initiatives, Annual Budget, Membership Structure/Dues

Friends Group

In order to be more inclusive and engage new funders in the Collaborative, it will be possible for funders who are not yet ready to commit to a dues-paying membership to join the MA ECFC Friends Group. 


A funder may spend up to a year in the Friends Group at which time they need to decide if they want to continue to be involved and join the Collaborative as a dues-paying Funder Member.


Friends Group members have no voting rights or decision-making authority.

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