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Massachusetts Early Childhood Systems Map and Data Overview

Strategic Priority Alignment
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Project Goal

Launched: January 2023

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A child is born in Massachusetts . . . and then what happens? This project aims to present the state of young children in Massachusetts in a visual, accessible format that allows for clear understanding of the current conditions of the early childhood landscape.

Rationale for Action

The ecosystem of supports for very young children is complex and hard to understand, leading to inaction in policy and funding, not to mention confusion for parents. The opaqueness acts as a hindrance to supporting children’s healthy growth and development. By mapping and describing the landscape for children 5 and under in MA, we aim to help a broad audience share in the common language, understanding, and goals of where and how to support Massachusetts’ youngest children.


The MA ECFC worked with The Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy to bring this project to life. The Rennie Center has a long track record of producing work that catalyzes statewide policy priorities and action.


The EC 101 project began in December 2021, and was launched in January 2023.

Project Updates
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